Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas
We miss you all!
Lola, Pop-pop, James and Lynn

Christmas Morning 2006

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Isabel and James sking

That's me with the Silly Hat!
Beloved "Rickity" Bridge over the Delaware River after heavy rains.

Lynn with Grandma Grace before her Confirmation.

Lola picking cherries from our favorite tree that James planted when he was six years old

Uncle Dan with "Sa" on a hike to the water falls.

Lynn's Softball team with Isabel

Everyone is going "Pumpkin Crazy" for Holloween.

Your other cousins Greg and Marisa are having lunch with James and Lynn

Lynn skating at Rockefeller Center.

Lynn with her girl scout friends.

Lynn memorizing a song on the piano.

Hanging out on our dock on a hot August Afternoon.
Having a "Brie" after a long day of fishing. We just finished toasting the marshmallows
We can't wait until you come so you can go in the canoe!

Your cousin Walsh's hands are enhancing the view.

Uncle Dan and Auntie Rez completed their sailing course in Westport. The 45 footer will not be far away!
This is your cousin Kaitlin, she is 4 years old. Uncle Joe is her Dad and Auntie Rosie is her Mom. She is very cute and she wants to meet all her cousins in Africa.
Kerrie, Paul ( Kerri's Fiance) and Clover

James is the "Rink Guard" at the ice skating rink. Cooool Uniform!
A day at the Westport Beach, near Isabel and Walsh's house.

My Birthday at Isabel and Walsh's House!

Aunt Harriet and I spent the day in the City. She lives in California but visits us every year.

Auntie Rez was Lynn's sponsor at her confirmation

Could not help it, but I had to stop at the Rotary Sign when we were in Savanna Ga.

Lynn practicing snow boarding

Lynn going to her confirmation

Taking a canoe ride

Walsh at the Bronx Zoo

Lynn relaxing at the Harvard Club of New York.

Walsh and Lynn At the Bronx Zoo